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The reversible octopus is so cute, you will love it. Pulpy will become your best friend and will tell to people what is your mood!


    The reversible octopus Pulpy is like a best friend. Pulpy is always here for you and you can share everything with! 

    • No matter your age, your Pulpy will stay with you. No matter if you've had a hard day and you need to yell or even hit it, your reversible octopus will wait for you at home (no, Pulpy won't blame you). Pulpy is in the mood if you decide
    • You can talk to Pulpy de toothpaste, shoes or homework. Your Reversible octopus listen to you!


    You will not get this warm and soft sensation Nowhere else in the world than with The reversible octopus!

    • A plush friend doesn't need to leave the hug to make a phone call. Hugging a Lego, a Barbie doll or even a bad quality plush can never bring the softness and comfort of a high quality plush!


    You had a bad day? Don't say a word! Pulpy will tell others exactly what is your mood !

    • The ONLY negative aspect of the plushies so far was that they could not speak but do not worry, PULPY expresses a mood!! And can also express your own!
    • You just have to return it to express your mood and to tell to people in what mood you are! the reversible octopus makes it possible to make your friends your partner or your family laugh and improve communication!


    Most toys break quickly, but the Reversible octopus still there for you for long time!

    • It's pretty simple: the reversible octopus can have a practical goal: comfort! The plushies are very good for hugs and even super pillows.
    • The reversible octopus is made from high quality plush materials and PP cotton. You don't want to hug a plush hard like stone, so is better if your plush is soft!


    If you want make someone feel special, offer him  the Reversible octopus Pulpy.

    • Nthis person will take advantage of the Reversible mood of Pulpy to express his mood! this will improve the communication !
    • The beauty of a reversible octopus is that it can be offered at any time of the year, whether for degrees, Valentine's Day, weddings, New Year, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day...

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    Is the plush toxic?

    The reversible octopus plush is non-toxic, it is made of high quality approved plush and PP cotton material that is non-toxic for children and adults.

    How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

    We ship your orders with the Post Office and they usually arrive in 7-10 days with a tracking number.

    How to take advantage of the satisfied or refunded guarantee?

    Do you not like the color? whatever the reason, all returns are accepted and extended until: 05/01/2021

    You just have to contact us by pressing here with your order number and the reason why you want a refund, then we will provide you with the address you should return the item to and you will be refunded once the item is received!

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