5 reasons why children love stuffed toys

Plush toys are an essential part of each child's room. In fact, if the child has only one toy, it's probably a plush. There is a great variety among these toys-from tigers to penguins to dogs and elephants, etc. Although today there is a variety of toys that can satisfy the whims of every child, plush toys have not lost their appeal. That's why your child loves teddy bears and stuffed animals. In this article, we are going to talk to you about the 5 main reasons for this love for these little buns.

1. They encourage role play.

Once the young children have been told all day what they have to do and what they should not do, they want at some point to be passed on to adults. Plush toys are ideal for this purpose-to maintain and educate their toys as adults. The reversible octopus peluches Are light and easily transportable. One of the children's favorite games is the game of "mom" or "dad". By posing as parents, children feel able to control them. Some child development experts suggest that this imaginary game is essential to their mental and social development. What's better for a three-year-old than to have a "baby" with a cat or cat face


2. They always smile.

The stuffed animals are immune to the fear of falling behind in life. No matter how many times they are rejected, thrown or left alone, they always greet their owners with sincere and soothing smiles. These happy faces make the world look like a better place, no matter what happens in the child's life. Mom, Dad, or kindergarten teacher may be disappointed by them for some reason, but not their favourite plush.


3. They give the best hugs.

Nothing prevents the pain of bruises or injuries from falling like a warm and soft hug of a stuffed toy. Another big advantage of these toys is that they can be tight in their arms and for a long time, as young children like to do, without needing to breathe. Breaking a toy robot or Barbie doll can't be so enjoyable.


4. They are easy to clean.

There is nothing easier for a child than throwing his peluches on the ground, for example, without injury, as if he had thrown building blocks or cubes on the ground. The rolls are easy to clean, both by young children, who learn hygiene and care, as well as by parents, who can easily wash them by hand and washing machines. So even after playing outside, it's not even a problem to clean these toys.

5. They are reliable and sound.

Plush toys last a long time, not to say forever. Often our parents keep our small peluches for the next generation and willingly give them to their grandchildren after a while, explaining that this toy belonged to Mom or Dad. Usually, young children have not yet learned to keep their toys completely, and often throw them on the ground, hitting them if they are angry with something, and for this reason, other toys are more fragile or at least down. After someone hit the ground louder, for example. That's why plush toys are reliable and solid, they don't bend, don't break and don't work, they don't have screens to crack. If it accidentally tears, it can be easily repaired with a needle, a little wire and possibly some extra plush. They are perfect for travelling by car or plane.