4 reasons why the Pulpy reversible octopus plush is good for your child

Most people remember their favorite soft toys very well from childhood.theyplay an extremely important role in helping children learn to deal with new and unfamiliar social situations, new emotions,  So here are 4 reasons why thePulpy reversible octopus soft toy, is beneficial beneficial for your children.

1. They are transition objects

The reversible octopus plush is a great way for kids to test the new emotions they are learning and experiencing. As the world is all new to them, a reversible octopus plush toy is a great companion for them it will allow them to try to be kind and to share, among other things the reversible octopus plush helps them prepare for more social contexts.


2. They are familiar

Even we adults are nervous entering a new place that is unfamiliar to us. Now imagine that you are 2 years old. Almost everything you experience is new. Plush friends are familiar and provide continuity in a young child's life. No matter where they go, their plush friend is with them!



3. They help to practice social skills

As your child learns to express themselves, their plush friend Pulpy is a great conversationalist! And these imaginary conversations help toddlers gain the confidence to keep talking and develop empathy with others.

4. They help with literacy

Your little one can use these newly learned language skills to test their reading comprehension! Reversible octopus plush toys are a captive audience for your little one to read!